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Wire Accessories - Mill Valley Splicing


When selecting the proper wire rope it is important to know the correct terminology and it will help in the process to choose the correct product for your application.  

Since there are many constructions to choose from, ask your Mill Valley Splicing sales person to assist you in selecting the right wire rope.

Domestic sources have carefully been chosen to give our customers the piece of mind that the wire rope we offer is going to be high quality, consistent quality and high strength.

Imported wire rope quality is monitored through our network of sources.  We take care to maintain records of strength, origin, lot and other characteristics.  Quality is the most important trait we strive to maintain.

Wire rope assemblies can be used for a wide range of applications.  We have the capability and knowledge to fabricate and load test when applicable.  

Crane Hoist Lines are a part of our inventory and increasingly difficult to maintain the large selection of size and high performance constructions available.  Please check for availability on this line of products.

Please see our list of products available or contact us at: info@millvalleysplicing.com