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Fabrication - Mill Valley Splicing

Providing custom solutions for any challenge

Mill Valley's years of experience fabricating assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications has put us in a unique position.  In instances where you have an unusual need or face a unique challenge, we can help you by tapping into our knowledge and resources, creating solutions that are just right for the application.

Regardless of whether it's lifting, rigging, or tie-down assemblies, or if the material is wire rope, chain, or synthetic, Mill Valley Splicing can custom fabricate, or you can choose from our inventory of high quality products that hold up the the demands of the job.

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Fabrication Methods
We perform a variety of fabrication methods, including:

  • Flemish Eye

  • Turnback

  • Hand Tuck

  • Grommet Sling

  • Speltering

  • Zinc

  • Resin

  • Swaged Fittings

  • Open Swage Socket

  • Closed Swage Socket

  • Swage Button

  • Braided

  • Endless-Conveyor


500 ton & 1500 ton National Hydraulic Swaging machine

  • For the fabrication of large-diameter wire rope, up to 3.5", in house